Just A Dream


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This one is all me. It had to be. I threw it together in 2 days, ALONE as you chance might gather, with my own two leather-gloved hands. There's dilation in the rhythm, but who cares? Not wearing makeup, and wearing plenty of clothes so I don't plan on topping the charts, but it is a very naturally made video with fairly raw vocals and even rawer emotion. Since its inception in 2011, "Just A Dream" has been a song near and dear to my heart, and finally, after years of it spinning around in my head, I was finally inspired to stop just singing it and actually GET OUT AND DOCUMENT this puppy while I could. It's not record label material, it JUST needed to be OUT of my head----it's an artist thing, if you get it, you get it. ALL VOCALS ARE REAL AND THEY ARE MINE, instruments weren't invited to this party.
Enjoy a micro documentary about someone insanely alone, but by her own choice, who says "SCREW it all, boy, howdy! I AM flipping crazy---but now I'm going to have fun with it," then proceeds to do just that. Things've been this way for a very long time, but she has her reasons...reasons that not even she needs to understand anymore. She's been desperately trying to return to childhood feelings and places, but somehow is also simultaneously retreating, leaving everything just as she found it....as if she were never there. She has come to rely on everything eventually being overwritten; after all, life is so mundanely binary, when all is said and done, that she actually *enjoys* being just another glitch in the system.
She's able to make friends when she actually DOES want them, whether they're *really there* or not...........make-believe little tea-drinking cartoon judges and all.


' Just A Dream ' LYRICS:

Still cannot
wrap my mind
all around
all alone

Where would I
even start
to describe
what I've known?

No life left
so breathless
all used up
all worn down...

How it is
how it was
is how it will
always be

If I could see
what it would
have been like
to find you....

I would trade
every wish
and say

Please heart, quick!
Please, please heal
But don't let me
feel again

I misjudged
how heavy
the empty
really is.

In the end
he'll remain
what he was
this whole time

Just my dream
just my prayer
Just not mine.

(c) 2011 SL SCHULTZ


released November 20, 2016
ALL STEF L SCHULTZ, www.SorryLittleSharky.com




Sorry Little Sharky

Enjoy the unpredictable and quirky procession of passionate vocals and heavy beats, coupled with grubby little electronic touches and an ample dose of orchestral influence.

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